Herd Immunity is ‘the only way’ to deal with the coronavirus

Spiked Editor Brendan O’Neill says although everybody has mocked the idea of herd immunity , it is “the only way” to deal with the coronavirus.

After a prolonged period of rising case numbers and deaths, the UK has recently begun to reopen, as the number of people currently in hospital is down 96 per cent in comparison to the height of the pandemic.

On a daily basis, hospitals are now only caring for just over 700 people a day, which is down significantly when compared to the 17,000 people who were treated daily in the middle of April, prompting some to declare the UK is close to achieving herd immunity.

Mr O’Neill told Sky News host Andrew Bolt herd immunity can be achieved either by the virus spreading through the community, or via a vaccine.

“But that really is the only way to tackle a virus like this,” he said.

“The way in which people mocked it, struck me as very odd indeed.”

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